15 December 2008


Here you can explore all story about Mary and her trip to London. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think about it. If you want to watch video in higher quality, just click title of video and go to vimeo.com. Enjoy :)

Mary goes to London from Szymon Gdowicz on Vimeo.


Web premiere of the movie Mary goes to London will take place here at 18th of December 2008 12.00 a.m.


Internetowa premiera filmu Mary goes to London odbędzie sie na stronie bloga 18 grudnia o godzinie 24.00.

22 November 2008


Zapraszam serdecznie na obronę mojego dyplomu, która odbędzie się 18 grudnia 2008 roku o godzinie 12.00 w Centrum Sztuki Filmowej (Sokolska 66, Katowice)

Wstęp wolny.


I would like to invite you to defence of my diploma work, which will take place in Centrum Sztuki Filmowej (Film Art Centre, 66 Sokolska Street, Katowice, Poland) on 18th of December 2008, 12.00 pm

Entrance is free.

30 September 2008


it is a pleasure to inform you that music for Mary's movie will be performed by Don't be a Poor Person band. More information about the band on My Space:



Now officially the Mary goes to London project is my diploma work. Documentary episode is in progress and will be released soon. Check Mary's blog regularly :)

6 May 2008

episode soon

Actually I'm working on first part of video documentation of Mary's trip do London. Soon I'll put some video on blog, so you'll have chance to discover it all.
Wait patiently :)

14 April 2008

Mary is back!

What an amazing event! Today I came back to my house and I found..... Mary in her travelling box! It was a great surprise for me, I was totally astonished. My uncle Zbyszek and my parents gave me a surprise. Zbyszek transported Mary from London to Krakow, and my parents from Krakow to Katowice. I put here some photos, made by my father from this unexpected event. I am so happy that she is back, it's strange but i missed her... Really! :)

Mary once again in Poland

photos by Wiesław Gdowicz

Mary in my uncle's house in Krakow.

My uncle with Mary.

Mary in Katowice.

Mary in my room.

I am so happy that she is back!

27 March 2008

defeat and somehow success

BP Portrait Award 2008 Judging

Dear Szymon

Reference Number: L0346 E

Thank you very much for entering this year's competition. The judges have now made their final decision and I am afraid that on this occasion your application was not selected for competition. We do however feel it is important to tell you that although you did not get in to the final selection for exhibition your painting did make it to the second day of judging, which is the point at which the judges make their very final selection for the exhibition. This year there were over 1650 entries and only 55 were short listed for exhibition so the competition was very strong. We wish you very best wishes in the continuation of your painitng and hope that you will consider applying to the competition again in the future.
Your painting will now be available for collection from the following points on the dates listed. Please see this information below. You must ensure that you collect your work from the same collection point at which you delivered your painting. If you go to a different collection point you work will not be there.
It is very important that you remember to bring your receipt card (given to you at the time of delivery) in order to secure the release of your painting. You may also wish to bring packaging for your painting if you are collecting in person.

The Fire Station
1 Chiltern Street
Contact: White Wall
tel: 07776 208737

For works being collected in person:
Monday 7 April 09.00-17.00 hrs
Tuesday 8 April 09.00-17.00 hrs
Wednesday 9 April 09.00-17.00 hrs
Thursday 10 April 09.00-20.00 hrs
Friday 11 April 09.00-17.00 hrs

We wish you every success in your practice and look forward to welcoming you to the National Portrait Gallery in the future.

Kind regards
Flora Fricker
Exhibitions Manager

12 March 2008

I'm back !

I'm back ! Mission completed ! In few days I'll put some photos on the blog. But for now I want to invite you for my exhibition in Rondo Sztuki Gallery; more details at : http://rondosztuki.pl/wydarzenie.php?id=39